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The fast, convenient, secure and easy way to pay for your fairshare without buying anything you wouldn't normally buy.  Learn more here.

Just a few Places You Can Use Scrips

Step 1

Sign up for a free account at Shop With Scrip

Step 2

Use Our Enrollment Code So RV Music Gets Credit

Step 3

Set up your payment type to pay for your gift cards

Step 4

Your Student Gets Credit For Fair Share.  Everyone Wins.

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Scripps sales are applied to individual student fair share accounts.

Shop With Scrip all year long.

This is free money that doesn't cost you anything!

This is the easiest and best way to raise money for band and pay off your fair share amount.  Any extra funds go toward new uniforms, music, instrument repair and replacement, etc.

It's easy to get started:

  1. Go to Shop With Scrip and sign up for a FREE account using our enrollment code which you can get from the scrips coordinator.

2.  Sign up for your payment option.  Options include Presto Pay Secure Payment Gateway to pay for your instant or physical gift cards, or via Credit Card (beginning 8/25/19)

3.  Place your order for your gift card or instant gift code to use at over 700+ of your favorite merchants.  See where you can use gift cards here. (Physical gift cards will be delivered by the administrator.  Please keep an eye out for order end dates.)

4.  Ralston Valley Music earns a percentage from every purchase and that amount is credited to your Fair Share Account.

5.  Look for promotions in your Scrip account for extra percentage earnings and benefits for your favorite merchants.

About Shop With Scrip
Shop With Scrip partners with retailers to provide gift cards for sale.  When you go to a local store like Target, King Soopers, Safeway, etc. you see the kiosks of gift cards.  Scrip provides gift cards just like those you see on the kiosks, but directly to us through instant gift card codes and physical gift cards.  Each purchase we make with Shop with Scrip enables us to earn a rebate percentage which is passed on to us and then applied to your Fair Share account.  Essentially we are making free money because you are purchasing a gift card.  How awesome is that?  You are making FREE money, not buying anything you wouldn't have already planned on purchasing.

Instant Gift Codes:
These can be purchased right on your phone in the retailer, restaurant, etc. and used immediately.  Using the Shop With Scrip Wallet.  Once you set up PrestoPay you can purchase a gift code on the go and use it for your shopping instantly.  For example, if you were at Home Depot purchasing some home improvement supplies.  You could purchase a gift code on your phone, RV Music gets the rebate credit, you can use that code and complete your purchase and be on your way with your new supplies all while adding Fair Share money to your account.

Even better - friends, family, co-workers, anyone who wants to support the RV Band can also sign up for an account.


Physical Gift Cards are ordered twice per year, once in November and again in April.  If you place an order in between your order will be held until the next group order is placed.

All Shop With Scrips orders must be paid for through PrestoPay or via Credit Card prior to processing.  

We love our volunteers.  To help with any fundraising activities contact us here.