Football Game Details

Thursday, September 9th. 6 pm

NAAC Stadium – 19500 W 64th Pkwy, Arvada, CO 80403


Ticket Information:
Adults $6
Seniors (55+) & Students With ID $4
K-12 $4
Under 6 & Activity Pass Holders – Free

Marching Band Details:

Students need to arrive at RV by 5 pm.  They will be bused from RV leaving the school at approximately 5:30 pm for warm-ups and practice.

The game starts at 6 pm, our band performs the star-spangled banner before the game starts and at half time (right after 2nd quarter) They will also be doing pep band during 3rd and 4th quarter and will return to the school toward the end of the game.

Hospitality will not be feeding the kids for this event.  Please have them eat before the game. Concessions are available for the kids to purchase at the game during the 3rd quarter.  $10 should feed them pretty well at the game and it will support RV.

Students will text when they are 10 minutes from the school.

NOTE: Students will always be bused to and from events. Always remind your student to wear their RV band shirt they received at Band Camp, athletic shorts, black knee-high socks, and bring a water bottle, chapstick and sunblock, and hoodie.

If you would like to help with props and pit or unloading and loading trucks, that would be awesome!

We STILL need help for Pit & Props

This is a SUPER easy and fun experience.  Moving instruments and props onto and off of the field.  Sign up here to help with this event.

If you are helping with Pit or Props:

Please plan on being on the northwest corner of the stadium to move equipment onto the track 30 minutes prior to the game.

Enabling us to be ready to perform the Star-Spangled Banner.

Then again at the beginning of the 2nd quarter to move equipment onto the field for the halftime show.

After the show, plan on moving instruments and props back to the northwest area of the field to be loaded back into trucks.

Trailers and trucks will leave during the 4th quarter to be unloaded at the school.  If you would like to help unload equipment at the school, we would love your help.

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