Fair Share Information

What is Fair Share?
The Fair Share assessment is a separate cost from the $75 school fee that you paid when signing up for Marching Band. That money is used to clean and mend uniforms after each season.  Because there are many other costs associated with running a marching band, (paying for our music, choreography, additional staff required to get the show on the field, bus transportation, feeding the kids at competitions, etc), each student is assessed a Fair Share amount that is used each year.

How Much is Fair Share?
This year’s Marching Band Fair Share assessment is $375.00.
This year’s Orchestra Fair Share assessment is $100.00
This year’s Concert Band Fair Share assessment is $100.00

(if you are participating in Marching Band and Concert Band, you will only be responsible for the Marching Band Assessment)

We encourage freshman (or first year in marching band) parents to pay the Fair Share Assessment with a check so that we have the money to use it for this marching season. After the first year in marching band, you can easily cover your Fair Share with fundraising money.

What are my other options to pay Fair Share?
Please visit our Fundraising section to learn more about opportunities to offset your student’s Fair Share amount here.

How do I pay my Fair Share?

If you write a check for your fair share, please make it out to RVMB, and have your student give it to Ms. Watts.  If you need a fair share balance for your child please contact Jodie Miller here.

Need to submit your Fair Share Payment? Do so here:

Ralston Valley Music Boosters
P.O. Box 740058
Arvada, CO  80006